Tree Trimming for Spring & Summer Months & Getting Rid of Waste

Trees are a valuable addition to your property, but they need care to keep them healthy. Trimming trees is needed to promote heathy growth, and it is usually done in the winter before spring starts. Sometimes, there may be reasons to do trimming during the spring or summer, such as to take the weight off heavy branches or to care for damage from a storm. Here are some tips to help you with your tree trimming chores during the spring and summer months>

1. Fast Growing Trees That Sometimes Need Spring & Summer Pruning

Some trees used in landscaping grow quickly, and need to be trimmed often during the peak of their growing season. These are often shrubs and shrub-like trees like ficus trees. When trimming fast growers in the spring, make sure to remove new unwanted growth regularly to prevent unhealthy growth. If you are pruning to give the tree form or shape foliage, make sure to cut the younger, weaker branches and always leave established growth to support the tree.

2. Trimming Overgrown Branches That Have Become Too Heavy to Support Their Own Weight

Some trees grow broadly, to a point where their branches are not strong enough to support their own growth. This is a problem that happens often with fruit trees that have been pruned lower to the ground, but the branches have been left long to create a large canopy. With hardwoods like oak, the branches will continue to grow outward from the base of the trunk, sometimes even sagging to the ground if left to grow on their own.

When caring for your trees, look for branches that are becoming weighted down, and thin them out by cutting younger sprouts and any dead limbs. If thinning the branch out does not relieve enough weight, gradually cut the branch back towards the trunk of the tree.

3. Emergency Pruning for Damage Due to Storms, Insects & Disease

When storms come through, it can reap havoc on trees. Branches may be broken off of trees and need to be cut to save the tree. Remove branches by cutting them to a point where they are free of damage. Look for addition signs of damage, such as sagging branches that have been fractured and are likely going to die.

These are some tips to help with some of the tree trimming tasks that need to be done during the spring and summer. If you need help with the removal of tree waste, contact a dumpster rental service like Parks & Sons of Sun City, Inc. and have them deliver a container to haul the waste off.