Understanding Why Gas Cylinder Lifts Fail On Your Industrial Machinery Faster Than They Should

As the owner of an industrial business, hydraulic lifts and gas cylinder lifts will no doubt get a lot of attention in your place of business; these components are a part of everything, from basic scissor lifts and pallet jacks to automated machinery. While you may be basically familiar with gas cylinder lifts as a component, if you are like most, you don't really know a lot about why they fail. Because these components can be expensive to replace in some cases, it is best to do what you can to preserve the life of the cylinder lifts you use on a daily basis. Check out these common reasons why gas cylinder leaks fail faster than they really should in an industrial business setting. 

Exposure to High Levels of Heat 

Because gas cylinder lifts utilize compressed gas to operate, it is important that you refrain from allowing the cylinder unit itself from being exposed to high temperatures in your industrial facility. High temperatures can alter the state of the gas inside the cylinder, which will also change the pressure available for lifting, but it can also cause the gas chamber to combust if temperatures are too far over the recommended limit. Therefore, if a machine containing a gas cylinder lift is operating at a high temperature range, it is important to shut it down and make necessary repairs. 

Not Following Weight Capacity Limitations 

Weight capacity ratings are provided with every type of gas cylinder lift you have in your facility. In most cases, the weight capacity will be printed clearly on the cylinder itself, but if it is not, you may have to consult with the manufacturer of the equipment or the manufacturer of the cylinder itself. If you overlook this capacity rating and put too much stress on the cylinder, it can cause fractures to the protective casing of the cylinder, which will also put the inner gas chamber at risk of damage. 

Punctured Gas Cylinder 

Extreme caution should be used any time you are working on equipment that has a gas cylinder lift. Even though the cylinders on industrial equipment are fairly durable, a misguided tool or motion can strike the cylinder and puncture the gas-containing capsule. Not only is the leaking gas dangerous when it is expelled, this kind of damage is irreparable, which means the entire gas cylinder lift will have to be replaced before your machinery will be functional again. Contact a company like FSG Consulting LLC to learn more.