3 Reasons You May Need Industrial Slab Jacking Services In Your Manufacturing Plant

When you own a business, you can automatically expect that staying on top of facility repairs will be one of your primary concerns. However, in a manufacturing plant where there are all kinds of heavy equipment pieces and machinery in operation, your repairs can be somewhat different than the rest. You may very well need things like industrial slab jacking services at some point in the years of your operation. Slab jacking is the process of lifting sunken slabs of concrete, asphalt, or other solid materials that have sunken to an unsafe degree inside or outside of a building. Take a look at some of the reasons why you may need an industrial slab jacking service for your manufacturing plant at some point. 

Vibrating machines can cause floors to become unlevel. 

The concrete floors in your manufacturing business may seem fairly resilient, but machines that produce strong vibrations during operation can cause big problems even for strong materials like concrete. It is not uncommon for the powerful vibrations of a large piece of equipment to cause a section of a concrete floor to become dislodged from the rest and start to sink. Thankfully, if this does occur, you can have a slab jacking service come in and raise the floor in the area back to a level position. 

Stress from handling equipment can cause concrete slab sinkage. 

If you are like a lot of manufacturing businesses, you rely heavily on material handling equipment, such as forklifts, with your daily production processes. These forms of equipment can be substantially heavy, so repeated travel over the same concrete paths within the facility can definitely cause certain areas of the floor to break down, crack, and sink. If you have this issue in some areas, a slab jacking service can help raise the sinking floor areas and stabilize the ground beneath to prevent future problems.

Stress on concrete loading docks has changed their structure. 

Loading docks are an important component in any manufacturing business because this is where incoming and outgoing product is handled for transport. The concrete docks where the trucks pull in to pick up and deliver goods can become stressed and start to sink or change in structure with age. Instead of having to have the whole dock redone, it is a more cost-effective option to bring in the help of a slab jacking service who can work to raise the dock back to an appropriate position.