Clean And Repaint The Iron Railing Leading To Your Business And Add Fall Decor To The Porch

Provide the entrance to your business with a festive appearance this fall by cleaning and repainting the iron railing adjacent to the steps and adding fall decor and floor mats to the front porch by completing the project below.  


  • drop cloths
  • metal cleaning agent
  • sponges
  • bucket of water
  • rust-dissolving spray
  • paint chipping tool
  • towel
  • paintbrushes
  • rust-inhibiting primer and paint
  • paint tray
  • carved pumpkins
  • battery-operated LED lights
  • gourds
  • corn husks 
  • dried flowers
  • straw baskets
  • drop light

Clean And Prime The Railing

Lay drop cloths over the section of each step that is underneath the metal railing. Apply a metal cleaning agent to a non-abrasive sponge. Move the sponge over the iron railing, taking care to clean intricate details in the railing's design. If there are small rust spots on the railing, spray a rust dissolving agent on the corroded metal. Wipe the railing with a clean sponge.

Use a paint chipper to remove loose paint from the railing. Use a clean, damp sponge to wipe off the railing. Wait for the metal to air dry or move an absorbent towel across the railing's surface. Fill a paint tray with rust-inhibiting primer. After coating a paintbrush with primer, move the brush evenly across the metal. Cover the railing with a thin, even coat of primer. Wait for the railing to dry.

Apply Paint And Add Decorations To The Front Porch

Choose a bold color of rust-inhibiting paint that will complement the color of the building's exterior and steps leading to the entranceway. Use a paintbrush to cover the primed surface with paint. Wait several hours for the paint to dry. Add one or two more coats of paint to the railing to deepen the color of the paint.

Choose fall decor to add to the porch. Carve a couple pumpkins and install a battery-operated LED light inside of each one. Place the pumpkins on each side of the porch. Fill baskets with gourds, corn husks, and dried flowers. Set the baskets next to the door or on a small table that is placed in the corner of the porch.

Plug in a drop light and aim the light at the baskets. Place floor mats that depict an autumn scene in front of the door that leads to your business. Before heading home each evening, turn on the lights so that the festive decor can be enjoyed by anyone who passes by the front of your business.

For more tips on cleaning and painting your metal railing, work with pros from companies like Honolulu Ironworks Inc.