3 Hydraulic Maintenance Tips To Prevent Problems With Equipment

Many different machines use hydraulic systems to provide power to do jobs. These hydraulic systems have many different components that can fail and cause problems with machinery. Good maintenance routines are important to prevent many of the common problems with hydraulic systems that can lead to costly repairs. Here are some tips that will help prevent problems with machinery and costly repairs.

1. Regular Inspection of Lines and Fittings of Hydraulic Systems

The hydraulic lines and fittings of equipment are where many problems can start. It should be a daily routine to inspect all the lines and fittings of machinery for leaks and problems before you begin leaks. A leak from a line or fitting can cause parts to quickly heat up, which can lead to serious damage to machinery that can be costly to repair. 

Make sure that all machine operators know proper operation procedures and pay attention to temperatures. Watching the operating temperature of hydraulic machinery will help to catch problems with overheating that can lead to serious damage. Usually, the overheating is caused by lack of lubrication of parts, which is due to a loss of hydraulic fluid due to leaks or other issues.

2. Routine Oil Changes to Ensure Clean Lubrication of Hydraulic Parts

The hydraulic systems of your machinery use oil to reduce friction and prevent damage. Over time, this hydraulic fluid may become dirty due to common wear. Therefore, it is important to change the oil of hydraulic machinery regularly to ensure parts are well lubricated and reduce wear of your equipment. You will want to change the oil when it comes visibly dirty and contaminated

3. Cylinder Maintenance to Ensure Parts Are Working Properly

There are a lot of moving parts of a hydraulic system that get a lot of abuse from daily workloads. Some of these parts include motors and cylinders, which will need to have routine maintenance done to them to ensure that they are working properly. Sometimes, you may need to have pumps, cylinders, and motors reworked to ensure that they are working properly. Having this routine maintenance done to your equipment will ensure that small repairs are done before they lead to serious damage that can lead to costly repairs and downtime of machinery.

These are some hydraulic maintenance tips that will help prevent some of the problems that lead to costly repairs. If you need help with hydraulic system repairs, contact a hydraulic repair service to keep your equipment running. For more information, contact your local hydraulic repair services.