3 Easy Steps To Sell Your Junk Car

Do you have a junky old beater you no longer use sitting in the yard or taking up garage space and are tired of looking at? If it's not safe for driving, needs a lot of work, or no longer passes state roadworthy inspections, it's time to get rid of it. While you could waste time and money trying to sell it for parts, it's usually easier to just junk the car at a salvage yard. Here's what you need to know when you want to sell junk cars.

1. Clean It

No, you don't need to rub it down with vinyl and leather protectant or take it to the car wash, but you do need to get your personal belongings out of it. Check the glove box and trunk for any tools, important papers, or other gear. Look under the seats for long-lost treasures. While you're under there, retrieve empty pop cans, fast food bags, gum wrappers, and other garbage. Don't forget to take any parts or accessories you may want.

The car may be junk, but your CD player and custom speakers might be expensive. You may also have just had new tires put on that will fit another vehicle. If you have a lot of gas in the tank, you can siphon it out if you know how. The junkyard is going to make their offer based on what your vehicle has to offer, but if some things are potentially worth more to you, take them.

2. Get The Paperwork In Order

You will need your title in order to sell it to the junkyard. If you have lost it, you will most likely need to replace it with your state's agency that handles motor vehicle licensing. Depending on your state laws, you may only need to replace it with a less expensive salvage title; however, since you are junking it rather than selling it to a new party. Remove your license plates from the vehicle if the car is not operable and you won't be driving it in and then cancel any existing insurance policies.

3. Call Salvage Yards

Old vehicles are usually paid by the ton. The rate all depends on the going rate of recycling scrap metal, which can vary from day-to-day. A couple of hundred dollars isn't unheard of for scrapping a junker. If your vehicle was in an accident and scrapped by the insurance company, it may still have plenty of valuable parts the junkyard can harvest and sell to customers, so you may be able to negotiate for a better price.

A vehicle that isn't operable means they will need to come and pick it up with the tow truck. This cost the salvage yard time and money, so you may net no profit at all as they are doing you a service by getting it out of your way. Whether you end up with cash in your pocket or extra room in the garage, selling your junk vehicle to a scrap yard is a win-win situation.