Using Powder Coating Instead Of Paint For Better Quality And Durability

Powder coating is a process of coating metal parts that offers a finish that is harder than paint and looks better in many cases. The finished product will last for many years because the material is bonded to the metal, not stuck over it. If you are looking for a finish that looks as good as paint but is stronger, you might want to check out powder coating.

What is Powder Coating?

The powder used in powder coating is a free-flowing thermoplastic or thermoset polymer that is sprayed on to the parts you are coating. The powder bonds electrostatically and is then cured with heat to allow the parts to flow together and create a shiny, durable finish. There are a variety of powder colors and types available, and most of the supplies you need are available through a professional paint shop or supplier. There is some equipment you will need to buy to spray the powder and properly cure it, but when it is done right the finish is beautiful.

What Can Be Powder Coated?

Powder coating is resistant to most things, including gasoline, oils, and heat. This is the reason it has started to be seen more and more in the automotive industry by hot rodders and customizers. Frames and suspension systems, engine and transmission parts, engine accessories, and so much more can be coated with powder. There are very few limits, except that it has to fit in a curing oven. Cleaning these pieces is easy, too -- they wash up with soap and water just like a painted part and dry with their high-gloss finish.

Powder Coating Versus Paint

Powder coating is starting to make its way into many markets and as long as the base substrate is metal, it can be coated. This allows it to be used in many places, but is it better than paint? The answer is that it is harder, more durable, and has a nearly maintenance-free shine that paint does not. Because the powder coat cures to such a hard finish, it really outshines the paint; but again, there are limitations as to just how large an item can be, and how practical it is on those large parts. People are finding more ways to work with powder coating all the time, and the color palette is expanding as well. What started as a few basic colors has expanded into many, and you can even order custom powder colors from some powder manufacturers.