Tips For Food Grade Welding

If you have some jobs coming up that require you to work to complete food grade welding, you will want to listen up. There is already a lot that you have to learn about and remember when it comes to standard welding, and there is even more when it comes to food grade welding and fabrication. Here are a few tips to help with all of this:

All Of The Framework Needs To Be Sealed

Never make use of bolts when it comes to putting together frameworks that are required to be food grade quality. They need to be sealed through the use of food grade welding. This prevents trouble down the road when it comes to trying to keep the framework completely sanitary. When there are bolts and other fasteners used, there will be very small crevices that can become dirty and end up carrying bacteria.

You Cannot Allow Can Burrs Or Sharp Edges To Remain

Most clients do not want a lot of burrs or sharp edging left on their products when they pick them up or when they are delivered. However, one here or there might not be a big deal. The thing is though, this is not something that can be left alone when you are working on food grade welding projects. There cannot be any risk that a package or something else containing food products will rip open. Also, within those tiny burrs are little areas that can allow bacteria to fester because it can be hard to get them totally clean. This means that you have to make sure that you are triple checking the finished products for any burrs. If you do find any, even if it is just one, you will need to take the time to sand it down and polish that spot as needed. If you need extra help looking for trouble spots, you can get a co-worker to assist you.

When you have all of the information you need to successfully complete food grade welding jobs, you will want to start to offer such services. Just make sure that all of the other welders who work for you or simply alongside you understand the different things that have to be taken into consideration when working on food grade welding orders. Correct completion of such work will surely have your customers and clients returning time and time again when they need additional welding work done.

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