Your Mobile Conveyor Might Need These Features

Mobile conveyor systems allow for bulk materials to be transported from one location to another. Unlike conventional conveyor systems, which are installed in a permanent location, the mobile conveyor system has wheels and can be moved to any location. In some cases, this is the most efficient way to move materials to a truck so that the materials can then be moved to a different location. If you are going to purchase a mobile conveyor, you will need to know the features that are available and the problem that these features are meant to address.

Heavy-Duty Construction

For the conveyor to be effective, it must be heavy-duty enough to be able to handle the types of materials that will often be transported on the conveyor. It must also have the size and dimensions to be able to efficiently transport the materials. 

Dust Collection

Another concern is whether the materials will remain secure in the container and will not spill. When materials spill, this can lead to costs associated with lost materials and can also lead to a mess that then needs to be cleaned up. However, many mobile conveyors come with dust collectors to prevent dust from becoming a serious problem on your worksite. 

Gate Openers

A mobile conveyor can come with a variety of features including a gate opener. With the gate opener, you won't have to worry about the gate opening when the conveyor is in place. They also come with scales that will allow you to accurately weigh screeners, crushers, and stackers. Some conveyors can be operated with wireless controls.


Workers sometimes need catwalks so they can carry out operations. Not all conveyors come with catwalks and it's important to determine whether this is a necessary feature. The catwalk must have guardrails and other safety features.


Drive-overs are features that sometimes come with a mobile conveyor that makes it easier to handle the materials being transported on the conveyor. They are powered by hydraulic drives and come with a variety of features meant to make them easier to handle.

Telescopic Spouts

Telescopic spouts make it much easier for materials to be loaded into and out of trucks. It is a cost-effective option if you have low or medium handling capacity. Once you have chosen a mobile conveyor with all the features you need, it will be much easier to carry on the day-to-day operations of your business.

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