Scrapping Old Cars Can Be A Lucrative Side Hustle

With the cost of inflation being what it is, everyone is looking for a way to bring in extra income. Committing to regular hours and low pay can be deterrents to getting a part-time job. Fortunately, you can make good quick money working when you want to if you learn how to scrap old cars. Here are a few suggestions on how to work with your local scrap yard on this endeavor. 

How To Find Old Cars To Scrap

You see signs on telephone poles and street corners stating, "we buy cars in any shape for cash." Some of these signs are from scrappers or scrap yards looking for vehicles they can turn into quick cash. While you may want to avoid placing signs on telephone poles, a little social media posting may yield the types of vehicles you are looking for. 

Be aware you may need a little cash upfront to buy cars. But in some cases, you may find cars people are willing to give you in exchange for removing them from their property. Always ensure you get a title for any vehicle you purchase or receive. 

How To Make The Most Money When Scrapping A Car

To make the most money, you will have to put in a little work upfront. Remove and sell any usable parts that remain on the vehicle. Selling these parts will make you much more money than leaving them in the car when you sell them for scrap metal. Some of these parts may include:

  • Seats
  • Stereos 
  • Windshields
  • Windshield wipers
  • Windows
  • Mirrors

You can make good money selling the engine, transmission, and other mechanical parts if the car runs. Once you have removed all of the sellable features, consider taking the chassis to a metal scrap yard.

Some yards offering scrap metal pickup will pick the vehicle up from you. There is usually a small fee for this service. 

How To Prepare To Sell Your Vehicle

If you purchase or receive a vehicle that you plan to turn into scrap metal, you must first have the car's title transferred into your name. A vehicle in your name confirms you as the owner and makes the scrapping process smoother and faster.

If the vehicle does not have a title, contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles and have a duplicate title issued. Once you reach the scrap yard, they will also ask you for identification. This request confirms they are buying the vehicle from the owner, not anyone else. 

To learn more about scrap metal, reach out to a scrap yard near you.